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Delivered and organized by Growthroom, designed by World Coaching Organization! Our passion is to organize coaching courses and workshops around the world for everyone who wants to learn how to use coaching in different areas of their life, in their current projects, or to turn coaching into their profession. After this coaching certification course you will be able to help people as an internationally certified coach in achieving sustainable results by applying the coaching approach and toolbox either formally as a professional coach, or informally with anyone you meet or work with. And with yourself, of course. Have a look at the course in more detail here:


Participants in our workshops since 2014


Participants in our courses since 2014


Here is in short why you should definitely attend to one of our courses:

The course is simultaneously a personal development training which will raise your self-awareness and boost your relationship with yourself plus the people around you Be prepared to go after your dreams and to find yourself in more meaningful and deep relationships after the course! We guarantee you one of the best - if not the best - training experiences you have ever had in your life During the course you will not only practice your coaching skills but also be coached by others! The course is full of practice - in fact 40% of it consists of you actually doing and learning things. You will leave the course inspired and excited, with easy-to-apply tools in your toolbox We believe that coaching belongs to everyone, thus our courses are LOW-COST. Both time and money-wise, to assure that anyone can join at any time Warning: This course has proved to boost the participants’ quality of life.

Who is this course designed for?

It is designed for anyone who wants an efficient and high-quality kick-start into building a profession out of coaching, and at the same time it is for all those people and professionals who want to apply more powerful tools in their everyday lives. Teachers, sales professionals, university professors, actors, pharmacists, doctors, designers, agile coaches, engineers, leaders and so many more have joined our course so far! Read more about our participants' experiences in our blog.









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1How do I become an internationally certified coach?
After finishing the course and our certification process you will get a certificate from World Coaching Organization. The course is 30 hours with our trainers + 30-42 hours work after the course. The work after the course consists of watching some cool videos online by Daniel Sá Nogueira, the founder of World Coaching Organization, PLUS coaching 2 people for 6 sessions each. We will then listen to the recordings of the sessions you have sent us and certify you accordingly. You don't need to know beforehand who you will be coaching after the course. However, if you want to start right away after the weekend, which is possible, it is a great idea to already look for some people to volunteer.
2Do I need to get certified after the course, or can I just participate in the training?
If you are not interested in getting a certification, but just getting a really good coaching course, you don't have to do the additional hours after the main course. The course is designed for anyone who is interested in coaching, not only for people who wish to become professional coaches. It is ideal for people working in leadership positions, with teams, in sales, in education, etc. In general, for people who are looking for some kind of change in their own lives but also around them.
3Can I get accredited by ICF?
We are happy and proud that you are considering getting accredited! You can apply for ICF membership via their Portfolio path if you choose to. The International Coaching Certification course counts as 30 hours of coaching specific training. In order to complete your ICF membership, you need to have 60 hours of coaching specific training. Thus, many of our participants have applied the membership after completing the Master Coach course with us, which is another 30 hours of coaching specific training. Please note that our courses are however not officially part of the ICF accreditation program (these courses are often at least four times more expensive). We advise you to get more familiar with the ICF membership criteria on their website.
4Who are the trainers?
Our trainers are amongst the most recognized trainers and coaches in Europe, and some of the most internationalized coaching trainers in the world. Pauliina Hallama (WCO Master Coach Trainer) is an experienced and passionate trainer, a successful entrepreneur and an expert in behavioural sciences, leadership and communication. Training hundreds of people every year in both organizational and public contexts, Pauliina is coaching several clients Europe-wide and running international coaching courses and workshops in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Iran, amongst other countries.
5How do I sign up?
You will secure your place at the next course by just simply clicking the link above and buying your ticket online! If you need an invoice instead, just contact us at In case of additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us at or by calling +358 (0)50 490 2815 (Anna-Riikka).

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